qore signature tee
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For our #QOREHOMETEAM, this oversized, supple heavyweight cotton tee represents the QORE attitude. Soft, yet aggressive QORE branding with inspirational slogans to get you started right any day of the week. 


Qore is elevated comfort
designed to

blur the lines between athletic and lifestyle wear. The uninspired shrink and pink female athletic clothing of the past has been replaced with cozy reinterpreted classics.

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the qore

In some respects 2020 felt like an eternity, yet other days it could not end fast enough. As a team and a family, we really were there for one another. As a business we carefully mapped out every decision, every goal to make sure there was ...
QORE founders Harry Ling and Banjo Albano believed that creating an apparel line for NBA female fans would be a great start for their brand. Long a male-driven business, they discovered that women were underrepresented in the marketplace and wanted to do something about it. Fortunately for them ...
The past 6 months have been tough on us all and QORE was affected like everyone else. With the stoppage of the NBA, we chose to pause our sales and marketing activities to really reflect as a brand and see how we were gonna pivot in this new ...