our mission became

our mission became

Every market / city we enter, we look to the local community--the local stewards to guide us. We align with what is important within that community to not only deliver our product but to give back to the community through local leaders that guide us on platforms and initiatives. We make this happen through events, forums, sponsorships, and other vehicles to drive positivity through the communities.

From December 7th - January 28th, we will be running our “Ease the Load” campaign partnering with, IncorpHERated founders Brittany and Khiana and their team who have really guided us on what it means to give back and how to work within the community. Their Straight to Feet Event every year really gives kids the opportunity to dream and tools to show them what it needs to succeed. IncorpHERated focuses on diversity in the workplace and diversity in the shoe game. They have been our mentors as we strive to learn more.

This school year will be one that is new for everyone in America. Teachers have always been #theRealMVP. Teachers shape a big part of our childhood. They are there for us and quite often we remember one particular teacher, who has made a particular impact on who we are and we have become as a person.

For one of our founders, Harry Ling, as a Taiwanese born in the Bay Area, during his childhood, his father worked to support the family in Taiwan.  As a result, he lacked a male figure in his life. During middle school his basketball coach Mr. Sel really took the extra time to speak with him, and drill him, and instill an edge in him that he was never taught before. This toughness, this discipline that was instilled was etched in his DNA moving forward. Looking back he was ever so thankful for the relationship he had an early age with Mr. Sel when he really needed a male figure.  

Help us spread the word, we will be donating 20% of all holiday sales from December 7th through January 28th to multiple teachers in need within the 5 Boroughs of NY!

To ensure that 20% of the proceeds of your purchase goes to DONORS CHOOSE and INCORPHERATED, use code: DONORSCHOOSE