nbalab: east beats west

nbalab: east beats west

QORE founders Harry Ling and Banjo Albano believed that creating an apparel line for NBA female fans would be a great start for their brand. Long a male-driven business, they discovered that women were underrepresented in the marketplace and wanted to do something about it. Fortunately for them, their partnership with NBALAB allowed them to bring their vision to life.

Albano comes from a family of six, three boys and three girls, who all grew up Knicks fans in New York. His sisters would always wear hand-me-down Knicks gear and make it their own. Team branded sportswear for women was simply non-existent, and his sisters wanted to be part of the fun and support their team. To this day, QORE is committed to giving women and young girls something for themselves and to feel good about it. Mission acomplished.

Not only does QORE want to carve out a unique position in the marketplace, but also make sure their clothing is topnotch and strictly feminine. QORE is manufactured in Taiwan where there is a large textile industry, and the brand wanted to take advantage of these resources. Ling feels blessed to have this level of access and the ability to customize their material. Being basketball fanatics themselves, Ling and Albano added elements of nostalgia onto their clothing. They also opted for digital printing rather than screen printing so that the pixels, texture, and coloring are absolutely exquisite.

The QORE team has an abundance of Asian influence reflected on their clothing. Recently, QORE was launched at the NBA store in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, to a huge success. Many influencers and close friends were at the opening, and Vogue and HYPEBEAST covered some of their essentials for 2021. QORE is looking to collaborate with other Asian brands and will eventually add more Eastern influence to their designs as the brand evolves stateside.

Ling and Albano enjoy working with NBALAB and appreciate that they have been supportive from the very beginning. They believe that their partnership not only elevates their credibility, but will undoubtedly help their goal of reaching more women who need fashionable fan gear.

By Nina Rodriguez //