end of 2020 // taiwan launch party

end of 2020 // taiwan launch party

In some respects 2020 felt like an eternity, yet other days it could not end fast enough. As a team and a family, we really were there for one another. As a business we carefully mapped out every decision, every goal to make sure there was growth but with an authentic message.

As one of our team members grew up in the USA and is originally from Taiwan, we were blessed to have an opportunity to share our product and launch offline in Taiwan at the NBA Store. In 2020, the island of Taiwan was able to control covid-19 through strict quarantine and mask wearing and life has relatively gone back to normal and the people were able to enjoy events, concerts, and shows; giving hope to many of us, even the original broadway cast of Phantom of the Opera went through the Taiwan quarantine process to do shows in Taiwan during the holidays.

The launch of the brand in Taiwan was on December 16th, 2020, right around the holidays. It was such a warm feeling in our team’s hearts to be able to accomplish this at the end of 2020. A big part of our Asia family is in Taiwan, so we were able to share our collection and our story with them. One of our great friends, Dominique Chou / Dizzy Dizzo, a local recording artist was our guest of honor.  She is a strong mother who is also hustling artist with a huge passion for hip hop and R&B.  Her spirit, her tenacity is everything the QORE brand looks to be for women around the globe.

It was a special night sharing our story, the amount of basketball lovers in Taiwan is crazy. Inspired by 90’s culture and growing up watching Michael Jordan, the Fab Five, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant; we really were able to see the deep roots of basketball in Taiwan. On top of that, the women in Taiwan were so excited, so many of our QORE tastemakers came to the event decked out in QORE, looking strong! 

The event was a big win for us, not only emotionally to end 2020 but we were surprised to see that Hypebeast wrote a full article about us.  A week later we were also featured in Vogue Taiwan as one of the 20 must have lifestyle brand products for 2021.

As a brand we feel so blessed to be able to push onward in 2020 and continue to grow. In the month of January, we received our first big order from Fanatics.com, we will be debuting on the Fanatics.com platform starting in late March so be on the lookout!  Also, we are now officially working with the Brooklyn Nets Team Store and Barclays, we are proud to announce that we received our first order in January.

Overall we are feeling good about 2021, but we understand there is a long road to recovery for many people and businesses. We will stay our course, be authentic to our story and continue to build out. In late March, we will have new products and new teams coming online, so be ready! Our next capsule collection, the Heritage collection, will be our ode to our highschool years and #gameday cozy, thats all we gonna say for now! Take care, with lots of love, #qorehometeam!